Our Services

Through our endeavor to impose the name “ARRABEA ADDAWLIYA” distinctly in the local market, we provide the following services and works

  • Follow-up the work from its beginning through designing and preparing maps, devoting specifications and quantities for ventilation and air-conditioning work, and submitting related measurements.
  • Establishing ventilation and central air-conditioning work in buildings by specifying transit locations, electrical capabilities, control unit locations, and extension paths.
  • Supply, installation, and maintenance of central air conditioners for all systems, and determine the capabilities required for the factory concerning the units that are manufactured upon request. Supply, installation, and maintenance of ventilation fans of all kinds.
  • An integrated factory for ductwork, manufacturing rectangular and circular ducts automatically and manually, elbows, reducers, etc., as well as manufacturing foam ductwork.
  • Supply and installation of air vents of all sizes and shapes, and air purification filters in all their classifications.
  • Providing post-installation/sale service that is periodic maintenance and follow-up to the various ventilation and air-conditioning systems, as well as contracting to follow up and maintain the systems annually or monthly.

Our Mission

Providing efficient and reliable services, and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction is represented in providing high-level services through a dedicated team that makes a lot of efforts to meet service requirements.


At ARRABEA Co. we are always happy to help you when you need it. All you have to do is click on the Contact Us button and fill out the form.


  • Tel. : (+218) 91 596 0020
  • info@arrabea.ly
  •  Misurata,Libya, Al-Jazeera Road, opposite the Teeka Mosque.

Our Responsibilities Towards the Environment

We strive to accurately understand how our services and products impact the environment, as preserving the environment is one of the main challenges of Alrabei international Company. We have imposed standards for ourselves that are reviewed regularly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our vision in this aspect.


Eastern Region Administration

  • Tel. : (+218) 91 609 2764
  • Tel. : (+218) 92 248 5803
  • agent.m.e@arrabea.ly